Solica's Competitive Strengths

Our Company

Solica Construction, Inc. uses engineering discipline to complete every project on time, within budget, and with zero safety violations. Solica Construction is a Cincinnati-based company founded in 2008. Solica manages commercial construction as a CM/GC and has completed over $15M in projects in the areas of medical, retail, office, education, and hospitality. Solica works to ensure all of the stress of project management is taken away from the client and is known for their excellence in process management, communication, and accountability. The company is a certified (MBE) Minority Business Enterprise and is 100% minority-owned.

Our Product

Beyond the “Bricks and Mortar”, Solica Construction truly focuses on the management of construction.  We provide Construction Management and General Construction services for the commercial market.  Why we are successful at what we do is due to our understanding and rigor behind project management. We continuously remaster and innovate around our Success Drivers: the People, Processes, and Paper of construction. Succeeding here allows us to Bring Brilliance to both construction and our clients.


We build in both the public and private sectors with a specialization with “complex” projects. Our project sweet spot is between $2M and $10M.  Solica has a standing bonding capacity of $5 million with the ability to exceed that significantly for specific projects.

Competitive Edge

Overall, our greatest competitive edge is that we consider ourselves a business first with our product being construction. Specific values that we have developed that distinguish us from our competition are:

Solica's Super Project Leaders

Project Leaders are Extensions of the Client:

Solica’s team of educated professionals stand out with their:

  1. Personal Accountability
  2. Proactive Communication
  3. Creative Problem Solving
  4. Utmost Safety and Cleanliness

Community-Minded Business Owners

Community-Minded Business Owners:

  1. We work with Clients who are trying to improve quality of life – for people, and for the planet.
  2. We give back to the nonprofit institutions we build for.
  3. We are proud to create jobs and develop our innovative and hardworking work “family”.


Technology to Streamline

Technology Based Communicators:

We stay on top of all moving pieces by simple digital document management, IPads/Smart Phones for all construction team leaders, and in-house scheduling software and expertise



Creative, Logic-Gate Problem Solvers:

  1. We use documentation and processes to track all the keys dates and gates for decision-making.
  2. We try to ask the right questions before the projects start.
  3. We understand how critical getting alignment is from our clients, partners, and subcontractors.