About Us

Solica Construction is a regionally leading commercial construction firm. Headquartered in Cincinnati. Operating in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky we build projects that impact the community. Having a proven track record of success in commercial building and business management, we strive to create a fluid and painless process for project owners by providing access to real time and critical project information.

Clients also benefit by our rigor managing the building process and accelerating schedules to deliver tangible results and quantifiable value. Solica’s executive team leverages industry-leading education and experience in Construction Management, Operations and Scheduling, and Brand Management.

Our leaders bring the discipline, ethics, and best practices from Procter and Gamble and Messer Construction. From our CEO to our tradesmen, every Solica team member embodies our company values: Personal Accountability, Creative Problem-Solving, and Proactive Communication. Solica has strategically developed solutions to make project information more accessible and transparent. A few examples include Online Client Portal, Virtual Communication tools in field management, In-House Construction RCP Scheduling Expertise, and an Inclusion Tracking System.

Solica Construction was born from roots in commercial development. The challenges we face as owners help us understand the similar issues many of our clients face. Because of this, we deliver a client-focused construction experience, tailored uniquely to each project.

Our Mission: to bring brilliance to construction by managing with intelligence, integrity, and the utmost safety for a rewarding experience for both the client and our employees.