Featured Projects: Commercial Office

The key to commercial office is to understand how the space will be used now and in 18 months and in 5 years as the process of doing business is changing so quickly.  Connections – Global, Social, Personal, all happen at the speed of light and needs can change just as quickly.  Our clients have been thrilled with our responsiveness and proactive value engineering.

Urban League of Greater Cincinnati


Key Challenge: The renovation of the Urban League’s call center was a constantly evolving project that allowed us to utilize our skill in proactive communication, as we had to collaborate with the owners on the design and schedule every step of the way. Though the project changed greatly as it neared completion, our commitment to the client allowed us to meet their every need and provide them with a satisfactory finished product.

Project Description: Solica was hired to complete a 3,000 SF interior finish out for the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati’s call center. We collaborated with the Urban League throughout the project to ensure that we were providing them with a space that was comfortable and conducive to their everyday needs. Solica’s work on the project included installing new gas lines and generator, a new HVAC system, reworking of the existing sprinkler system, and modifications to the building’s electrical service.

University of Cincinnati - Medical Emergency Airlift Offices (Public Bid)


Key Challenge: This project was completed often on third-shift. The team was still required to shut down the site whenever major brain traumas came into the hospital as the neurosurgery operating rooms were directly above the project. Noise, vibrations, and general construction debris were required to be minimum as the UC main frame was directly below the project.

Project Description: This was a complete gut and transformation from outdated office spaces to the state of the art Emergency training facility and office for the UC Airlift team.  This team of physicians, assistants, and nurses are responsible for the emergency care for patients brought in through helicopter.  The University of Cincinnati  Medical center is nationally renowned for their ER trauma care, particularly in the areas of neurosurgery.   Solica was the GC leading the project and delivered on-time and within budget to a satisfied ER physician-led team.