Featured Project Portfolio

Rinzler Field - Wright State

Parks & Recreation

We love creating green spaces where people play and recharge.  Whether it is sports areas for universities and innovative new city parks, we are efficient and experienced at building places to rejuvenate.

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Mercy Rookwood ER

Ambulatory Medical

Outpatient medical spaces are often the most frequently visited sites in hospital systems.  Designing and building the spaces that welcome and treat patients in urgent need takes precision and care.   Solica is experienced in building projects including Emergency Rooms, Urgent Care Clinics, and Dialysis Centers, which are growing centers of excellence for today’s medical systems.

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Acosta Demo Kitchen

Restaurant & Hospitality

Luxury hotels, Modern Restaurants, or Commercial Kitchens, we have built them all and done it well.  Working with creative visionaries such as restauranteurs and hoteliers are some of our favorite types of jobs.

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21c Museum Hotel

Historic Renovation

Maintaining the historic charm and integrity of a building while also modernizing it for today’s use is rewarding and challenging work. We’ve enjoyed working on historic projects including restaurants, schools, libraries, offices, apartments and even boutique hotels.

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CCHMC Lincoln Lobby

Medical Office

With a background in healthcare property development and ownership, Solica Construction understands the complexity and rigor medical construction encompasses. We have an ASHE certified construction team who design, plan, manage and execute medical construction projects tailored to fit the safety standards and level of sophistication healthcare construction demands.

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UC Health

Commercial Office

The key to commercial office is to understand how the space will be used now and in 18 months and in 5 years as the process of doing business is changing so quickly.  Connections – Global, Social, Personal, all happen at the speed of light and needs can change just as quickly.  Our clients have been thrilled with our responsiveness and proactive value engineering.

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Indiana Tech


School buildings are often the place where provocative and innovative designs are born.  Solica has been selected to bring to life the new to the world designs of many renowned architects on many university campuses and K-12 school systems through both public and private funds.

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Clinical Medical

Clinical Medical Construction is as demanding as construction gets.  Excellence in infection control and barriers, client communication, and proactive planning is essential when working in occupied clinical spaces.   This challenging work is where Solica demonstrates how it stands apart.  

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Retail Construction allows Solica to build in a way that reaches our own neighbors and every day people.  Solica’s projects include a senior activity center, Kroger-based retail center improvements, and many other specialty tenant fit outs.

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